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Zoya Nail Polish has been recognised as the longest wearing natural nail polish according to Women’s Health Magazine. Free from toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor, Zoya is a vegan-friendly nail polish, safer both for the wearer and the environment, but without compromising its quality.
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Savina Nail Polish is a long-lasting nail lacquer designed to meet the standards of professional beauty salons and spas at a fraction of the price. Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP free, Savina Nail Polish is also not tested on animals. Savina bottles contain about 30% more lacquer than most publicised brands.
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Depilève is the world’s top professional waxing system and its reputation of quality is well known in the professional aesthetic’s sphere. Depilève offers the broadest choice of quality waxes, allowing professionals to select the perfect hair removal treatment to satisfy their customers’ needs.
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Since 1980, Tweezerman has been the producer of best-selling beauty implements owing to their amazing precision and durability. Today Tweezerman remains a worldwide industry leader and used by top beauty professionals, celebrities and demanding consumers across the globe.
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Aesthetics Industry Professionals of Trinidad and Tobago…

Your product choices and your knowledge of those products are of prime importance to maintaining success in the growing, competitive aesthetics industry of Trinidad and Tobago.

Being both equipped with, and educated about, high-quality products and tools allows you to make the best choices you can to treat and delight your customers.

Ash Incorporated

For over a decade Ash Incorporated has been the trusted, premier beauty product supplier of Trinidad and Tobago. We actively research and openly share critical information about our product lines to our client salons and aesthetic professionals like you, allowing you to make the most informed choices you can for your own customers and your business.

Our reliability in supplying our clients and our attentive, courteous and professional customer support makes the running of your business easier and safer, and its what sets us apart from our competitors in the region.

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